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Cedar Christmas Tree Topper


My husband and I both teach and we both create. We typically only work together on parenting and home renovations, though!

A few weeks back, we were asked by my brother and sister-in-law if we would combine our creative sensibilities to make a custom tree topper. We were humbled...and we got to work!

We had an inspiration board to work from and started with card stock--playing around with shapes. Then we headed out to Stephen's art studio and ripped some of his cedar. We put a good number of shapes, patterns, and layers together and came up with this star! My brother and his wife's star has beadwork inside that we wanted to be unique to them; but we loved the shape and texture of the final product and were asked by several friends if we were making more, so we decided to make similar stars and light them.

We are so excited to offer 10 stars for the 2020 season! The star/wood measures 12" top tip to bottom tip (and side to side.) Each has a stainless steel center circle with a stainless rod welded to the back. The rod comes down 6" so you can attach it to your tree. The center circle highlights mini-LED fairy lights (warm white) that have an on/off switch and batteries. The center is topped with a glass cabochon that slightly magnifies the lights.

We enjoyed making these special pieces together; each has its own character due to the nature of working with natural wood and markings from ripping the wood. We hope you enjoy your cedar for years to come!

Stephen and Michelle

*If you are local in the Twin Cities, we can do a contactless door-drop. Please use code THANKYOU so postage charges don't show up. For those of you living to far for a local delivery, if postage is less than $10, we will reimburse you for the overage.

PS Check out Stephen's stainless, cedar, and stone sculptures at He has lovely work!

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